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'Puppy Party' #2

Oscar and I have just got back from Puppy Party #2 - can't believe we only have two more left!

Today's discussion was about Dog Food, and what is the best sort to feed them. The adivce from the vets was to give them dry food such as Eukanuba or Science Plan. Which is just as well, as we have been giving Oscar Eukanuba.

The dry food is preffered by vets as it contains all the nutrients a dog needs to grow healthy and strong, whereas compared to wet food, there can be some ingrediants that dont agree with your dog.

It's important to note that when you feed your dog dry food, they will naturally drink more, so dont be alarmed if they spend up to a minute lapping up water!

When it came round to allowing the puppies to play on the floor, Oscar seemed to take it upon himself to assert his position as top dog - Tallulah the Chihuahua stood no chance and was pawed over within 30 seconds.

This weeks party went by really quickly, as most of the session was given to the dogs being able to play with each other. I couldnt help but notice that all of us 'owners' tend to zone out staring at our puppy. It would hav made a great picture..but...well...I was zoned out!


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