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The First Walk! - (Pictures)

As promised, I've included some images from Oscar's first walk. Can't believe it was 10 days ago now! Since then, we've been out 3 times a day - every day, and I must say I'm feeling fitter than I have in a long time.

Oscar has definitley got the routine down now. About an hour after he eats, he sits and stares at me until we ask him 'what do you want?' to which he starts screaming! We then get his lead and he screams some more whilst jumping in circles.

He is extremely obediant off the lead, and his recall skills are impeccable, although we have learnt today that a leaf blowing in the wind is far too distracting...even for him!

We've taught him another trick this week, but I think I'll leave the details of that until the next blog posting, along with how we did it.


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