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Meal Times

We're coming up to our third week with Oscar now and it looks like he is getting used to his meal times.

It's quite tempting when you put food down, and a dog turns his nose up, to leave it there until he finishes it, but a 20 minute limit will be more than enough time for him to take what he needs. If he fails to eat anything within this time period, save the food until his next meal, and add whatever he needs to make up for any food already consumed.

We feed Oscar three times a day, on a strict timescale; 8am / 1pm / 6pm. He now seems to know what time he should be fed as he sits by the cupboard that his food is in. He's now taken to jumping in circles as we place his food bowl down in front of him, so food is obviously something that gives him great pleasure. He must get it from me!


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