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Toilet Training and other tales

Well its been overa week we have had Oscar now, and I have rather conviniently glossed over the whole Toilet Training issue.

Actually, Oscar has been very good with it all, with only a couple of accidents on my wife's prized Rug.

We have been using Training pads, that we place near the door, so as to familiarise Oscar with the location of nearly being outside. The pads apparantly have a chemical in them to attract puppies to 'eliminate' on them. I love that word by the way, its so subtle and kind on the ears - especially for a prude like me.

In the past week, both my wife and I have developed a sixth sense for knowing when Oscar is about to eliminate, and how to protect our indoor furnishings. We are happy to share these with you now:

Sign #1
If your puppy starts sniffing around - pick him up and place him on the pad.

Sign #2
If your puppy runs out of the room suddenly - pick him up and place him on the pad.

Sign #3
If your puppy starts circling - pick him up and place him on the pad, or check with your vet that he doesn't have four left paws.

Sign #4
If you puppy starts whining / crying - pick him up and place him on the pad.

New puppy owners will instantly have two new best friends; Puppy Training Pads and Kitchen Roll. So those of you who like a flutter on the stock markets, I highly emplore you to invest in both - as sales will always be strong as long as there are puppies!

We are heading down to my parents house in Christchurch; Dorset; UK, tonight to celebrate my birthday early / show off the puppy. No doubt that Oscar will be spoilt with attention / more toys.

It will be a real test to see how comfortable he is in the car in his crate. I've been getting him used to the car by bringing him with me for the past few days to pick up my wife from work. 30 minutes is fine, so hopefully 2 hours will be ok - fingers crossed!


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