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The First Walk!

Brief blog entry to say that we have finally just returned from our first dog walk with Oscar!

Amry, Oscar and I went out over our local recreation ground and then through into a woodland area for a short(ish) 20 minute walk. We also bumped into Nero and his owner (from the Puppy Party), who was walking her other dog (a West Highland Terrier).

Earlier on today, I drove to 'Pets at Home' to purchase an extendable lead [pictured] so that Oscar could have a bit of a free run, whilst still maintaining some control over him.

About 10 minutes into the walk, when we were away from any cars, and safely int he woodland, I let Oscar off the lead alltogether, and was surprised to see him staying by my side all the way home - despite encouragement to 'go play'.

Theres a point in the walk, where we reach a road, and I felt confident enough to keep him off the lead by side, and he stayed there all the time. I think we got extremely lucky with this dog because he seems to pick things up so quickly and naturally. Will try and get some pictures from the walk next time we go.


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